• 3939 N. Cleveland, Kansas City
  • (816) 454-3960
  • ccclothescloset@gmail.com

Donations to Clay Co Clothes Closet

The lifeblood of any mission is faithful donors who consistently give month after month and year after year. They provide a solid reliable level of funding that insures the stability of the help that Clay County Clothes Closet Provides to the Community.

By partnering with Clay County Clothes with a recurring donation you will not only ensure the financial viability of the Movement by ensuring the clothing needs of the Northland Community.

A tried and true way to give to Clay County Clothes Closet is to give by mail.  Simply fill out your check to Clay County Clothes Closet and mail it to us at:

Clay County Clothes Closet
P O BOX  466250
Kansas City, Missouri 64188

To donate via PayPal, please enter below the amount of your donation. You will then be transferred to confirm your donation through PayPal. We appreciate your support.

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